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Mother’s Day Reflection: Created for Union

  Standing on her doorstep with her reading glasses perched on the tip of her nose, waving goodbye with that tender loving smile. I drive away wanting to freeze the picture knowing that these moments won’t last forever. I fast forward a year and find myself trying to recapture the memory fading from my mind.  […]

Mary’s Month – Ruah Woods Rosary Meditations

    By David Cooley, Associate Editor, Covington Diocese Messenger May is a month in which Catholics honor Mary in a special way. This time of year it’s common in both parishes and homes for a statue of Mary or a picture of Mary to get a prominent spot where she won’t be easily missed. […]

First Holy Communion, the Rosary & Theology of the Body

May is an exciting time for Catholics. Many children will continue their lifelong journey with Jesus as they receive Him in the Eucharist for the first time. May is also recognized by the Church as Mary’s month. It seems fitting for children to receive their First Holy Communion during a season dedicated to Jesus’ Mother […]

Our Lady and the Snow

[Guest post by Carrie Gress] My husband hates the snow. In it he just sees bitter cold and heaps of work to shovel up. While I have sympathy for his disdain of winter, my own experience has given me a much different perspective. I grew up in Oregon, close to the Cascade Mountain range. My […]

A Gift for You!

Imagine placing this little prayer beside your child’s bed as a loving reminder of who they are and why God made them. We are delighted to offer this print as a complement to our newest book. On a Mission to Love: Rosary Meditations for Children and Families Rooted in St. John Paul II’s Theology of the […]