Map of Hope: Pray the Rosary, Give Hope

Join Catholics around the world in praying the rosary with new website Map of Hope.


The Map of Hope is a passion project of three friends: Joe Kim, Joanna Hernandez, and Mike Del Ponte. Knowing the uncertainty and fear people are feeling right now, they wanted to build something to give people hope and community. United by their love of prayer, they combined their design, administrative, and entrepreneurial skills to create the Map of Hope. Many friends have helped, including XenoPsi, which built this site.

Joe Kim, Joanna Hernandez, Mike Del Ponte

Where did the idea for the Map of Hope come from?

Like many people, we looked at maps tracking all the coronavirus cases every day (and sometimes multiple times a day!). These maps kept getting worse. More and more red dots appeared, showing how the pandemic – and fear – was taking over the world. So we asked ourselves, “What if we could create something that gives people hope?”

It would be simple. It would track something inspiring. Something that gets better and better every day. A movement of people around the globe. Immediately, we thought, “It should be the rosary!”

From these simple insights, the Map of Hope was born.

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